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With more than 30 years of experience, Don has provided clients in more than 40 states and eight foreign countries the Marketing Communications tools they need to succeed.

No matter which city, state or country you compete in, he offers a wide range of Marketing Consultation Services designed to help you better understand and communicate with the unique, ever-expanding 50+ Mature Marketplace.

His proven, “Marketing-on-Demand” programs have helped Business Owners, Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations succeed in getting their message into the Marketplace.  

Don’s ready-to-use programs include: Marketing Calendars, Direct Mail, Print & Broadcast Advertising, Brochures & Newsletters, New Customer Acquisition, Retention Marketing and Free Media & Community Outreach.

Each Marketing program is fully customized to your company, product or service.

Although almost all his clients prefer a monthly retainer arrangement that allows access to all the programs and services they need, they can also be obtained “ala carte”, through individual PDF or Word files, or on CD.

Each also comes complete with its own “How-To” Guide, along with unlimited access to Don for further consultations.

"The Industry Expert
 on the 50+ Mature Marketplace

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